The Solar Cook-Off and Music Festival

Saturday, August 22 10:00am - August 23rd 10:00am

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 Low Impact

Minimum Waste Event

The event will minimize waste by having compost and recycling stations as well as reusable silverware for all food vendors and water stations to refill water bottles. Click below to learn more about how you can support the effort, volunteer on the waste management team and come prepared for low impact camping. 

A 20 plus year tradition in Taylorsville, CA returns after a
7-year hiatus!

Taylorsville Campground

Taylorsville, CA 95983

Solar Demonstrations, Solar Cooked Food and Refreshments, Arts and Crafts, MUSIC and More!


The Sierra Institute for Community and Environment is bringing back a Plumas County Classic - The Solar Cook-Off and Music Festival! Celebrating rural community, renewable and sustainable energy, good food, good music, and a good time in the beautiful high Sierra Nevada mountains. 

Soak Up the Electric Rays of Indian Valley by Cooking, Eating, Drinking, Dancing, and Basking in the Sun of the Beautiful High Sierra. 

Why the Sierra Institute?

The Sierra Institute for Community and Environment's core mission is to support rural communities and the natural habitats that surround and support these rural areas, people, and environments.

The Solar Cook-Off and Music Festival is a tradition in Indian Valley that the Sierra Institute is committed to reviving to support the local economy of Indian Valley, and build social capital in the area by celebrating the spirit of rural life in the high Sierras. While at the same time standing behind and building a foundation for sustainable celebrations that highlight the power of Green Energy and showcase the feasibility of lowering each of our own carbon footprints in order to support healthier communities and environments. 


Sierra Institute for Community and Environment

4438 Main Street 

Taylorsville CA